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Cheers to all of the mommy’s and mommy’s to be! Motherhood is the hardest, most rewarding job and we all deserve a nice cold beer or glass of wine whenever the hell we want. Sit back, relax, take a sip, and enjoy while I take you on a rollercoaster ride about my own experiences within motherhood. It’s about to get real. 

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A Break Would Be Nice

Updated: Mar 24

Pure mental and physical exhaustion is what I would describe the last couple of weeks as. Working, researching to study for my new classes, taking care of the family, etc. has been the normal routine for me. This mama needs a break, actual break. That looks different to many of us but for me it’s a couple of hours of uninterrupted me time. I want to binge watch my tv show uninterrupted. I want to enjoy my book uninterrupted. I want to write this blog post without interruptions. Do y’all catch my drift? Ya girl is tired. I am exhausted to say the least. As women and as mothers, we are natural nurturers (well some of us). We want to take care of our children, our significant others, the house needs to be cleaned, dinner needs to be cooked, etc. It’s just what some of us do. We give and we give and we give and we don’t stop to see that after giving so much of ourselves to the people that we love, we’re becoming empty.

We are like cars. We fill up our tanks to get to the places we need to get to. When our cars are on E, what do we do? We refuel because if we don’t then we can’t go anywhere. We are stuck and we are stranded. I think it’s safe to compare this to ourselves as mothers. We cannot be the best mother and the best mate when there is nothing left to give. When I’m overwhelmed because I gave too much before I could refuel, I’m not helping the people around me or myself at all. Noah’s bad mood only makes me more impatient. Noah screaming to the top of his lungs when I’m trying to get something done only makes me want to pull my hair out. Matthew asking me what’s for dinner is only going to aggravate me. Matthew wanting to hangout with me after he’s had a long day as well only makes me want to punch him in the face. Pulling into the garage and just sitting in the car because I don’t really want to get out has become a thing. You want to know why these things are happening? It’s because I didn’t refuel. Noah is being a child and sometimes children have bad days. Matthew is asking normal questions and has the proper expectations of hanging out with me after he’s also had a long day. It’s me that’s the problem. It is so important to refuel and not just for yourself but for your loved ones. I think Matthew would appreciate a relaxed Quianna and Noah would appreciate a more patient mother. So much good comes from me taking care of myself and I need to remember to do that.

My biggest piece of advice is to take care of yourselves. Rachel Hollis said, “You were someone before you were their mom and that person matters.” Boy, was she right. She’s definitely invited to the cookout y’all okay! Self love and self care is so important. We matter and our well-being matters! Friends and family remember to check up on the people you love. Everyone’s fighting a battle and a simple “how are you” makes such a huge difference. Thanks for letting me vent ❤️



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